Australian Government Accuses Apple over 4G Marketing Claims on New iPad

One of the features Apple introduced with the latest generation of the iPad a couple of weeks ago was 4G/LTE capabilities. Today, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is taking Apple to court over “misleading” advertisements showing its latest iPad running at 4G speeds in Australia. Apparently the issue is raised by the company’s use of “4G” in its marketing terms for the WiFi + 4G/LTE models of the new iPad, while 4G LTE compatibility is only offered in the United States and Canada due to different frequency bands used for LTE in different countries.

Dye to Apple’s wrong use of 4G/LTE words, the ACCC has announced that it will pursue injunctions, fines and other remedies in its case. The commission wants to ensure that consumers “are made aware of the correct technical capabilities” of Apple’s new iPad. The company has posted fine print in several areas on its website regarding LTE connectivity not being available in most countries.

However, the ACCC thinks that this isn’t sufficient and that Apple should remove using the “4G” term in association with the iPad  in countries where the device is incompatible with LTE networks.

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