AT&T Unlocking iPhones for Deployed Military Personnel

AT&T began unlocking qualifying iPhones on Sunday, and apparently that process is completed via iTunes. Customers report that the process required a backup and restore. The carrier requires that customer accounts must be in good standing, not associated with a current and active term commitment and completed their contract term, upgraded or paid an early termination fee.

MacRumors reports that AT&T has begun unlocking iPhones for American military personnel also. In fact, they will unlock their phones even if they are still under contract. The federal law requires that wireless carriers terminate service for deployed service members without penalty. AT&T is not required to unlock the phones of deployed service members, but instead, it seems that the company is doing this by choice.

MacRumors had reached out to AT&T for confirming this new policy, but they declined to comment. However, MacRumors has independently confirmed that AT&T is indeed unlocking the phones for service members. Deployed soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines should contact AT&T customer service to get more information about having their iPhones unlocked.

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