Apple’s Solar Farm Will Have High-efficiency Panels

A couple of weeks, it was reported that Apple had touted plans for a massive solar farm and fuel cell facility in Maiden, North Carolina. This would be right across from the company’s 500,000 square feet data center that powers iCloud. It will be the largest user-owned solar array in the United States, registering at 20 megawatts. The company also confirmed its plan for a new data center in Oregon.

Then last week, it was reported that Bloom Energy, maker of the “Bloom Box” energy server, is believed to be the supplier behind Apple’s planned 5-megawatt cell farm in North Carolina. The company also touted its solar farm across that gigantic data center.

Now, San Jose Mercury News has discovered the company’s filing, which reportedly reveals that San Jose based SunPower had won the contract for Apple’s solar farm.

The company apparently plans to self-finance the project and is aiming for at least 14 photovoltaic installations on the solar farm. According to the report, the solar farm can open as soon as October.

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