Apple’s Plans for London Financial District Store Caught in Dispute Over Sunlight

100 Cheapside

Apple has been hard at work with renovating their stores and constructing new ones. Today, Reuters reports that Apple’s  potential plans for its first retail store in London’s financial district are being questioned as existing buildings surrounding the site may see their protected access to sunlight impacted upon by this development.

According to the report, Apple is looking to build its store on the ground floor of a 10-story building planned for construction at 100 Cheapside in London.

The proposed 10-storey development at 100 Cheapside has planning permission for 87,000 square feet of offices and 13,000 square feet of retail.

U.S. developer Hines is in talks to buy the site for under 25 million pounds and Apple is interested in taking space there, a source close to the process told Reuters.

Thirteen properties are said to be affected by the development. Eight of the buildings are substantial enough that  their owners are likely to seek injunctions against the project. In addition, the property’s current owner  has asked the city to use its power to waive the ability for owners of neighboring properties to seek injunctions against the project.

Construction is yet to begin at the potential site and due to the potential legal difficulties facing the project, there’s no given time when Apple will seek other options for a retail store in the area.

The company currently has two Apple Stores within a few miles of the proposed site,  with its Covent Garden store about 1.5 miles to the west and Regent Street store about a mile further to the west.

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