Apple’s nano-SIM Proposal Draws Controversy from Motorola, Nokia, RIM

The Financial Times (via Engadget) reports that Apple is planning to go against rival smartphone makers over the next industry standard for miniaturized SIM cards. Apple is apparently planning to suggest its own nano-SIM proposal in Europe’s standards body, ETSI.

According to the report, Apple’s version of the nano-SIM would call for a “drawer” to protect. It would be something similar to the designs already used in the iPhone and iPad. Last May, MacRumors pointed out that Apple had submitted a proposal for a standardized SIM card design. That design was smaller than the micro-SIM currently used in the iPhone 4S and iPad. Supposedly, this would allow Apple to create smaller and thinner devices.

Motorola, Research in Motion, and Nokia are also trying to push their own standards for these so-called “nano-SIM” cards. Nokia has raised objection about Apple’s use of a “drawer” to protect the nano-SIM card.

Apple is said to have already won over support by “most of the European operators”. In addition, the company has also reportedly taken some controversial actions to gain more votes in the final decision on proposals next week.


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