Apple’s Grand Central Store Neighbor Seeing Increase In Sales

Last year, Apple opened its gorgeous looking store in New York’s Grand Central Station and the grand opening attracted a massive crowd. The store is expected to occupy 23,000 feet and it is also  to generate  half-a-billion in sales a year, which is probably more than all Microsoft stores combined. Today, one restaurant across the terminal reports that it is seeing a 7 percent increase in sales since Apple’s store opened in December.

Michael Jordan’s The Steak House is located across Apple’s Grand Central store, and its co-owner Pete Glazier says that his restaurant has seen a 7 percent increase in sales in the seven weeks that the Apple Store has been open, reports Crains New York. He also says that increase isn’t because the Apple Store replaced another restaurant, but it is because of Apple opening a store near Glazier’s restaurant. “The Jump only happened after Apple opened,” said Glazier, not in the several months  that the space was being renovated as the store was built. Seems to me that a lot of Apple’s customers come to store hungry. :-P

When was the last time you ever heard of a Microsoft store increasing sales for its neighbors?

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