Apple’s Gorgeous New Fifth Avenue Store Cube Unveiled

Back in August, it was revealed that Apple began working on a $6.6 million renovation of the plaza and glass cube at the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan, New York. Then, it was reported that new design consists of    switching larger panes of glass to  make for a cleaner appearance as the total number of panes is reduced from 90 to 15. Today, the new design has been unveiled and it is gorgeous.

New Fifth Avenue Cube Front
Image credit MacRumors


New Fifth Avenue Cube Back
Image credit MacRumors

Construction workers had spent the last few months replacing the 32-foot glass cube, which previously used 90 panes of glass. Now, the new design consists of 15 lager, seamless panes. You know, while other companies are trying to figure out ways to catch up with Apple, Apple can afford to spend millions on making a glass cube look better. Amazing! Oh, and Apple is also working on a new store a few blocks away. It will be located in New York’s famous Grand Central.

In fact, word has it that the original cube was personally designed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and is one of the most photographed landmarks in the New York City. Jobs even paid for the project himself and is the owner of the cube.

This iconic design has also inspired other Apple stores, including its store in Shanghai that opened last summer. Just like the Fifth Avenue store, the Shanghai’s entrance is a staircase enclosed in glass, but is cylinder shaped.

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