Apple Working on Local Backup Servers for iOS Devices Needing Genius Bar Replacement?

9to5Mac reports that Apple is working on a new hardware solution for its retail stores Genius Bars. This new tool will allow the staff to quickly back up devices that require replacement. Also, this device will allow users to move that data back onto the replacement devices. Normally, users are told to back up their devices before bringing them to the Genius Bar. However when users who fail to do so and then learn that their devices require replacement can lose valuable data.

According to the report, it is rumored that the systems will be a local wireless backup system, which will be capable of quickly getting data from an iCloud backup from a device and temporarily storing it while the device is replaced for the owner. After the replacement device is powered on and activated, Genius Bar staff will be able to quickly put back data onto the new device to provide the user with a fully-updated and functional replacement device. If this report does turn out to be, it will be awesome for customers. Just goes to show how much Apple cares about its customers.

The report indicates that if this does turn out to be true, Apple may introduce this in retail stores in mid-2013.

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