Apple May Be Trying to Stop ASUS Zenbook Production

You know those ASUS Zenbook’s, which are a copy-cat of the MacBook Air? Well, it looks like Apple is finally doing something about it. According to a new report from Digitimes, an article from  Taiwanese newspaper Commerical Times claims that Apple’s manufacturing partner Pegatron has ended its relationship with ASUS for production of the company’s MacBook Air clone. Why? It was due to the pressure from Apple. I guess that’s the type of power a company has when it has over $100 billion in cash!

Apple reportedly was unhappy about Pegatron’s production of Asustek’s Zenbook models, which are similar to its MacBook Air, especially in its outer design, and therefore, demand Pegatron make a choice, claimed the paper, which added that Pegatron began to assemble iPhones for Apple in 2011 and is eager to solicit orders for next-generation iPads from the vendor.

MacBook Air Zenbook

It should come as no surprise, but Apple is displeased with the similarity in looks between ASUS’s Zenbook and the MacBook Air and forced the manufacturer to choose between one company or the other.

Pegatron will reportedly slow down production of the Zenbook by next month, which forces ASUS to switch over to Compal or Wistron for manufacturing. Thank goodness! At least this will stop one MacBook Air clone from contaminating the market.

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