Apple to Offer “HD+” 1080p iTunes Movie Services Later This Year?

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According to AppleInsider, Apple may be preparing  to offer 1080p movies via its iTunes Store later this year, based on reports of film studios submitting films to Apple in a new “HD+” format at the higher resolution.

hus far, 1080p HD content has largely eluded users of Apple products, with HD versions of videos on the company’s digital download service maxing out 720p (1280×720) and chief executive Steve Jobs balking at adoption of Blu-ray on Macs due to licensing complications and other challenges that he said threatened to translate into a “bag of hurt.”

But that could begin to change later this year, as a handful of feature films being submitted to the iTunes store for a release in the September and October timeframe are being sent with documentation for an optional 1920×1080 resolution, according to people familiar with the matter.

The source reports that  at least three of the five largest movie studios have submitted titles scheduled for fall releases with optional resolutions of 1920×1080 at average bitrates of 10 Mbps. Rumors have also suggested that Apple may offer an updated  1080p-capable Apple TV in September.

Also, rumor has it that  Apple already has  the capability to stream 1080p video, but they remained concerned over many users’ connection speeds because they might not be high enough to support streaming of the “HD+” content without significant buffering time.

To solve this issue,  Apple might offer the 1080p only for downloadable movie content. In addition,  Apple could make the 1080p content available for streaming only if a user’s connection is determined to be fast enough to support the bandwidth.


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