Apple to Launch iPhone 4S in Mainland China Before Jan. 23

Rumor has had it for a long time that the iPhone 4S will become available one day in mainland China, but nobody knew when. The iPhone 4S is already available for purchase in Hong Kong. Today, a new report seems to reveal that Apple will be launching the iPhone 4S in mainland China before the Chinese New Year.

iPhone 4S

China’s  People’s Daily  reports that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology granted China Compulsory Certification for the iPhone 4S on Dec. 22. This means that Apple has met all of the requirements necessary in order to launch its latest smartphone in mainland China. Now you may be thinking this is just another iPhone launch, but really, it is a big deal. Why? Because Apple has just started entering the Asian market, and China offers the world’s largest mobile phone market. This  translates  into a gigantic revenue stream for Apple. In fact, international sales contributed to 63% of last quarter’s earnings.

The report also says that the iPhone 4S will debut “at the beginning of January 2012,” and will hit the market before the Chinese New Year. That takes place on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012.  In fact, Chinese New Year is the biggest shopping event on China’s calendar.


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