Apple Testing Remote Diagnostics Tool for iOS Devices?

HardMac reports that Apple has made an internal announcement that it has completed working on tools that will allow support technicians to utilize remote diagnostics on iOS devices. For example, receiving informations about a device’s state. In addition, the report notes that the new tools will allow Apple’s tech support to provide enhanced device support without customers having to bring their devices in to an Apple store or service center.

In effect, this systems operates entirely online. An email is sent to the device containing a URL (this can alsoo be entered by hand) and the device will connect via Mobile Safari and the telephone to start internal checks and sends the result of it to the Apple servers to which the service centres are connected.

The application is a web application, which can be accesed via iOS’s Safari browser, and can detect  the device’s Unique Device Identifier (UDID), device name, battery health and charging information, installed iOS version, and data on improper hangs and shutdowns.

iOS Diagnostics Tool

AppleInsider notes that this tool is similar to  site, which apparently has been used for some time by Apple retail stores to wirelessly gather system information. When the site is run from a device, the results are sent back to the MobileGenius software used in-store by Apple’s Genius representatives. In addition, the data can also be read from the desktop iRepair software to which Geniuses have access to.

Rumors suggest that Apple perhaps is preparing to officially expand the remote diagnostics to allow users to take advantage of it.

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