Apple Sues Samsung over Autocorrect and Screen Unlock Related Patents

The patents wars are getting even more intense! Turns out, this week Apple has filed another lawsuit in the U.S. against copy-cat Samsung. Their latest complaint is related to the autocorrection of spelling and the way the unlocking a device from its touchscreen works.

This patent lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, and Apple believes that Samsung is infringing upon its own patented inventions. Shocker, isn’t it? After all, Samsung is original and hasn’t been copying Apple since 2007. The company is seeking a preliminary injunction against Samsung. Four different patents are cited by Apple in the case.  The patents are named through expert declarations filed by Apple as part of the suit. AppleInsider reveals that the following patents are:

In Apple’s latest filing, it is not known what the products are since the complaint has not been made public. Lawsuits between Samsung and Apple have been going on since last April and continue to grow.

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