Apple Sues Motorola Over Qualcomm License

It seems like Apple is on a suing streak this week! On Wednesday, Apple sued Samsung over autocorrect and unlock related patents. Today, Reuters reports that Apple has filed another lawsuit against Motorola. This time, the lawsuit suggests that Motorola has violated a license agreement with Qualcomm in its efforts to have a number of Apple’s iOS devices banned from sale in Germany.

This is following a December victory by Motorola in a German court. Last week, Apple briefly pulled all 3G-enabled products with the exception of the iPhone 4S from its German online store. However, they were restored within a few hours after the injunction was suspended. Today’s lawsuit specifically is in connection with the iPhone 4S, which Motorola has also been trying to block in Germany and other countries.

The suit, filed in a San Diego federal court, argues that Motorola’s German lawsuit against Apple breaches terms of a patent licensing agreement between Motorola and Qualcomm. […]

In the latest lawsuit, Apple says that as a Qualcomm customer, Apple is a third-party beneficiary of Motorola’s agreement with Qualcomm. Under that agreement, Motorola’s rights under certain patents are exhausted, Apple argues.

Apparently, the iPhone 4S uses Qualcomm’s MDM6610 baseband chip, which Apple argues that Qualcomm’s patent license with Motorola exhausts Motorola’s rights to further royalties from Apple. MacRumors points out that Apple has brought up this issue before while defending itself against Samsung in Australia.

People say that Apple has started to patent troll, but in reality they are just trying to protect their intellectual property (IP). That’s all.

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