Apple Store iOS App Update Adds Support for Express Checkout, Advance Check-in for In-store Pickup

Earlier this year, Apple updated its Apple Store app for iOS devices. Once again, Apple has updated that app with some nice features.

The first feature that is introduced in the update is support for Express Checkout, which has been available via the regular online store, but now is available through the app as well. Express Checkout allows users to bypass the shopping cart system and simply click the “Buy Now” button. Then the user can enter their password to complete the order. The order will automatically use the default billing and shipping information associated with the account. There’s also an option for users to specify whether Express Checkout should default to shipping purchases, picking up purchases, or asking each time.

Another new feature that was added is to allow users to alert Specialists at their local retail stores that they are arriving to pickup an order. However, this feature is only compatible with the iPhone 4S.

Once again, Apple continues to improve the Apple Store retail experience for its customers.

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Parth Dhebar

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