Apple Starts Hiring for Its R&D Center in Israel

Last year, we reported that Apple had acquired Anobit, an Israel-based flash memory company for anywhere between $400 million and $500 million. Today, we have discovered an article from a Hebrew-language newspaper, Calcalist [Google Translation], revealing more info regarding Apple’s recent acquisition.

Turns out, after a round of layoffs which took place earlier this year, Apple’s recent acquisition, Anobit, has started to recruit workers. Anobit dismissed dozens of employees in sales, marketing, and sales administration right after the acquisition and closed its enterprise server activity. Now, Anobit is focused on the development of storage-efficiency chips for Apple’s products.

Apple recently sent out the first hiring ads for its northern development center, which is expected to grow in Haifa. Apple wants to hire a director for recruitment of engineers and managers for the Haifa development center. The company now has two R&D centers in Israel. The center in Herzliya develops memory devices, and the Technion is expected to engage in developing the chip components A5 and A6, the processors used in Apple’s mobile products, including the iPhone and the iPad.

The report also reveals that the company’s name was changed to HDC (R&D center in Herzliya). Also, Ariel Maislos, former President of Anobit, has become a senior executive at the development center.

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