Apple Reveals Fifth Avenue Cube Renovation Plans

Last month, it was reported that Apple began working on a $6.6 million renovation of the plaza and glass cube at the iconic Fifth Avenue Apple Store in Manhattan. Barriers were setup around the plaza and glass cube, but still allowing customers access to the store through a covered passageway. When Apple first began work, documents suggested that the glass cube would be removed in order to work on drainage, pavers, and bollards on the plaza. However, it was unclear if Apple would be making changes to the cube itself.

Apple Store Fifth Avenue Cube Sign

Now the plans have been revealed for the cube by Apple. A new sign posted on the barrier surrounding the plaza shows that the cube’s glass panels will be replaced with new, larger panels and will offer a “seamless” cleaner appearance. The sign reads…

We’re simplifying the Fifth Avenue cube. By using larger, seamless pieces of glass, we’re using just 15 panes instead of 90.

The diagram on the sign suggests that Apple will be using three glass panes per side of the cube, with each side pane stretching the entire height of the cube.

Last year, Apple filed for a trademark on the original design of the Fifth Avenue store’s cube. In addition, the Fifth Avenue Apple Store is one of the most-photographed sites in Manhattan.

[Image credit: AppleInsider]

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