Apple Reveals Creation of 514,000 Jobs in the U.S.

In the recent years, Apple has been criticized for offshoring of product manufacturing, with a number of people wanting the company to bring more jobs to the United States. Today, the company has updated its website with a new section touting its role in directly creating or supporting more than half-million jobs in the U.S.

Apple 514k US Jobs

Apple divides the creation of 514,000 jobs down into two categories: 304,000 jobs directly tied to Apple and its business partners and another 210,000 jobs that are part of the “iOS app economy”. In the first category, the company counts 47,000 Apple employees and another estimated 257,000 employees at companies, such as Samsung, Corning, FedEx, and UPS, who are part of Apple’s supply chain and other businesses. Corning, a US-based company that specializes in glass and ceramics, manufactures majority of the glass for the iPhone. Rumors of Apple using their glass in the past have showed up, but for the first time today, the company has confirmed that they use their glass for the iPhone. Instead of including a direct count of employees at other companies, the second category  is calculated based on “employment multipliers” published by the U.S. government and applied to Apple’s domestic expenditures.

In addition, the company revealed its in-house efforts by noting that 47,000 of its 70,000 employees are located in the United States, with 7,800 U.S. jobs having been added in 2011. Over 27,000 of its U.S. employees are part of the company’s network of 246 retail stores. Apple reports that the majority of these employees are full-time workers. On the support side, Apple employs 7,7000 AppleCare Advisors in the United States. They also acknowledge that they could save 50% on call center costs by outsourcing to other countries such as India. Instead keeps the jobs in the United States in order to maintain its excellent customer service standards.

Apple also revealed some interesting stats regarding the App Economy. With over 248,000 registered iOS developers in the U.S. and over 5,000 iOS developer jobs listed on, Apple believes that the industry will continue to see growth. The company also notes that it paid out over $4 billion to developers since the App Store was launched less than four years ago, creating an entirely new industry that has seen 210,000 new jobs added to the U.S. economy.

Wow, just wow.

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