Apple Retail Stores Making Preparations For OS X Lion and New MacBook Airs Launch Next Week?

A number of reports today suggest that Apple may launch OS X Lion next week. In addition, new MacBook Airs and other hardware updates are likely to follow on or soon after OS X Lion debuts.

9 to 5 Mac reports that Apple has scheduled “overnights”  for July 13th where store layouts and promotional materials are tweaked and store management is briefed on new products. The source offered no information on exactly what will take place during next week’s overnights.

OS X Lion

Also, AppleInsider backs up the claim with its own report by mentioning “overnights” scheduled for next week, however the source  did not offer a specific day for the changes. Also, sources say that Apple is requiring that a number of display machines in its retail stores have their RAM upgraded by this Sunday, possibly for the OS X Lion launch.

Different sources  for the report indicate  that Apple is preparing OS X Lion for a launch next week, with new MacBook Airs possibly set for an introduction the following week. Retail sources have also indicated that  Apple may be inviting some customers to download Lion at their local retail stores next week in order to receive assistance if needed.  No other updates for the Mac lineup is expected since they have been recently updated.

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