Apple Removes Links to Messages Beta for OS X Lion

Earlier this year, we reported that a public iMessage beta for OS X Lion was made available. Today, Cult of Mac notes that Apple has now removed references for Messages for Mac beta. However, Apple has removed the download entirely. It is still available for download via this link.

The company hasn’t specified how long it will be available for download, but text strings within the app earlier have suggested that the app won’t expire once OS X Mountain Lion is released and Messages will be a Mountain Lion exclusive. Users of Messages beta for Lion have reported of many bugs and issues, but it seems that Apple is working on to fix that in the final version as it plans to include the app with OS X Mountain Lion. I have personally experienced many issues with the beta too.

OS X Mountain Lion will be available later next month and is priced at $19.99 through the Mac App Store. Users of Snow Leopard and Lion will be able to upgrade to Mountain Lion for the same price.

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Parth Dhebar

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