Apple Removes Its Stupid Mac Ads From Its Homepage

Apple is known for making some of the best and unique advertisements in the advertising/tech history, which includes its popular ”1984” and “Think Different” ads. However, Apple’s latest advertisements about the Mac have received nothing but disappointment from tech blogs and Apple fanboysall over the world.

The three commercials that have been broadcasted during the 2012 Olympics feel downright cheap and un-Apple. The ads portray an Apple Genius Bar employee helping new Mac owners with simple problems, and look downright stupid.

Now, thanks largely due to the amount of criticism these ads have got, Apple might just have got rid of them. Today, the Cupertino based company silently updated its website to remove the three new Mac ads from its homepage.

Apple is known to keep its new ads for much longer on its homepage. Considering the criticism the ads got, this should not come as a surprise.

The stupid ads can still be viewed from the TV Ads section on Apple’s website though.


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