Apple Removes ‘Genius’ TV Ads from YouTube and

In the past, Apple has made some incredible and unique advertisements in the advertising/tech history. These ads includes the company’s popular “1984” and and “Think Different” ads. However, the latest three “Genius” ads Apple released during the Olympics were very unlike Apple. These “Genius” ads portrayed an Apple Genius employee helping new Mac owners figure out a solution for simple problems. In fact, even people among the Apple community did not like these ads at all. I personally did not like these tasteless ads either.

Earlier this month, we reported that Apple had removed its “Genius” Mac ads from its homepage. Today, Apple has removed the “Genius” TV ads from its YouTube channel and from the marketing page for the Mac. The ads were poorly received among viewers and critics even asked if it was a good idea to make potential customers seem clueless. However, some people also thought that the ads were excellent because they demonstrated the support options available to non-technical Mac buyers.

Apple has not removed any older advertisements from its websites and YouTube over time, but the company still has ads on YouTube from as far back as November 2010.

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