Apple Releases OS X 10.8.1

Today, Apple released OS X 10.8.1. OS X 10.8.1, which is the first maintenance update to OS X Mountain Lion. The update is available via Apple’s site or via the Software Update feature which now directs users to the Mac App Store for updates. This update to OS X is also very iOS-like. I just love the consistency here. OS X 10.8.1 fixes issues with Migration Assistant, Exchange, and iMessage issues. If your Mac is running OS X Mountain Lion, you will definitely want to update.

This update includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that:

– Resolve an issue that may cause Migration Assistant to unexpectedly quit
– Improve compatibility when connecting to a Microsoft Exchange server in Mail
– Address an issue playing audio through a Thunderbolt display
– Resolve an issue that could prevent iMessages from being sent
– Address an issue that could cause the system to become unresponsive when using Pinyin input
– Resolve an issue when connecting to SMB servers with long names
– Address a issue that may prevent Safari from launching when using a Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) file
– Improve 802.1X authentication with Active Directory credentials.

The update is Build 12B19, up two build numbers from last Friday’s developer seed. OS X 10.8.1 is 24.2 MB download via Apple’s website. However, when download through the App Store, the update is just 7.8 MB. It seems that Apple has finally begun delta updates for OS X. Delta updates were first introduced in iOS 5 last year.

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