Apple Releases Apple TV Software Update 4.4.3

Recently, Apple has ben releasing software updates for its Apple TV quite frequently. It seems that every few months there is a new software update released for the Apple TV, which is interesting because the Apple TV is just a “hobby” for Apple. Not trying to speculate anything, but it is something to be on the lookout for.

Apple TV

In August, the company  released a new iOS software update for the second-generation Apple TV. The update brought    support for several new features including streaming access to purchased TV shows and support. Today, the company has released 4.3.3 for Apple TV, which is labeled  build 9A4051, and can now be downloaded directly from the device. This is a minor  update, fixing issues in the Apple TV version 4.4 software update.

Version 4.4.3 is third update to have arrived since the release of 4.4, which added AirPlay Mirroring support, Wall Street Journal Live, National Hockey League Content, Photo Stream, and iTunes Trailers.    Apple has not revealed details for the 4.3.3 software update…..secretive, indeed.

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