Apple Releases 2012 Supplier Responsibility Progress Report and Supplier List

In the past, Apple has been criticized for not taking supplier responsibility but that all ends today. Yesterday, Apple released its annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report for 2012, but that’s not all. This article will specifically be about the supplier progress report, but I will post many other articles regarding Apple’s other announcements regarding the environment and labor rights news today also.

This report details efforts to oversee working conditions and environmental responsibility at its suppliers around the world, and notes that the company conducted 229 audits during 2011 for an 80% increase over 2010’s auditing levels. You know, you don’t see any other company offering such detailed reports regarding their suppliers. Ironically, this still makes Apple “evil.”  Apple also notes that in 2011 it began a dedicated environmental auditing process to supplement the environmental checks that had previously been included in the standard auditing procedure.  In addition, the company reports that third-party environmental engineering experts helped conduct audits at fourteen different facilities, and some violations were found.

Surprisingly, the most secretive tech company also for the first time published a list of 156 suppliers (PDF) representing 97% of the company’s procurement expenditures. Full details on the auditing results, including summaries of the various violations discovered in environmental and much more details, are available in the complete report (PDF).

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