Apple Quietly Increasing iCloud Storage to 25 GB Until the Year 2050?

Last week, we reported that Apple sent out former MobileMe customers regarding their free 25 GB of iCloud storage. The email was a reminder that  their free 25 GB iCloud accounts will be reduced to 5 GB as of September 30.

TUAW is the first one to point out that Apple seems to be quietly increasing iCloud storage to 25 GB until the year 2050. I checked on my iOS devices and this seems to be the case for me too. It seems that Apple is quietly bumping iCloud storage space upgrades for ex-MobileMe users. In the past, Apple has been known to offer cloud storage upgrades for free when their services did not live up to expectations (MobileMe).

To check if your storage plan has been upgraded, launch Settings -> iCloud -> Account on your iOS device. I asked around on Twitter and it seems that only ex-MobileMe users are seeing an upgrade in storage. However, I have not been able to confirm it.

Apple offers free 5 GB of iCloud storage storage for free, but users that are interested in upgrading their storage by purchasing additional storage space can do so through their iOS device iCloud settings, System Preferences on a Mac, or iCloud Control Panel on a PC. Apple offers 10 GB for $20, 20 GB for $40, and 50 GB for $100 and all purchased amounts are added to the base 5 GB storage capacity.

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