Apple Opens Up Supplier Factories to Third-party Environmental Inspections

Lately, lots of news regarding Apple’s factories have been coming out. Even though the stories are getting stale, media will continue to talk about since it is Apple. A couple of days ago, it was reported that according to the Fair Labor Association (FLA), Foxconn’s factory conditions are to be “first-class” in comparison to the garment factories the association has typically monitored.Then just a couple of days after, Foxconn announced that it had raised the wages for its workers by 16 to 25 percent.

Now, the company that doesn’t care about its workers has agreed to cooperate on audits with independent environmental group seeking to verify the company’s own findings, via The Next Web. Ma Jun, founder of the Institute of Public & Environmental Affairs, said that he had agreed last month to open up its facilities to be audited.

In addition, Linda Greer, the person in charge of the National Resources Defense Council’s health program, said the company had agreed access to two of the 14 suppliers. The groups that will be reviewing the facilities will focus on whether Apple’s suppliers are improperly disposing of toxic waste or not.

One thought on “Apple Opens Up Supplier Factories to Third-party Environmental Inspections”

  1. I think Apple need to tread carefully here. As a company that make huge amounts of profits, it can’t be seen to maltreat its supplier’s staff and need to, themselves make sure all if fair and above board. The press only need the slightest of opportunity to start writing bad articles, and that’s bound to affect sales.

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