Apple Was the Only Phone Manufacture That Saw Significant Growth Last Quarter

You know the iPhone 4S? The so-called phone that nobody wanted? Well, it turns out it has been a solid hit for Apple. With over 37 million sold last quarter, Apple’s marketshare and install base has significantly benefited from this. Today, a new report from Comscore, a research firm, reveals that due to the rapid fading away of RIM’s BlackBerry US market share throughout 2011, new data shows that there is an indication of a stabilizing slowdown in RIM’s losses as well as a consistent slowdown of Android’s growth. On the other hand, Apple continued to be the only phone manufacture to see growth in the quarter. Mind boggling for a phone that isn’t “open,” isn’t it?

The new data reveals that Android significantly benefited from RIM’s US lost market share, which decreased from just over 30 percent in January down to 16 percent. No surprise here, but what surprising is that while Android benefited from RIM’s loss, Apple continued to steadily grow its share throughout the year. Apple saw an increase from 25 percent to 30 percent over the year.

Comscore iPhone 2012 - 1

According to Comscore, the only two platforms that gained share among platforms was Android and iOS. Android saw an increase by 2.5 percent and Apple grew by 2.2 percent. RIM, the burning ship, still continued to fall 2.9 percent for the fourth quarter while Microsoft and Symbian showed no sign of change. What’s funny is that Comscore still does not distinguish between Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7, which has yet to gain significant share in the US.

Comscore iPhone 2012 -2

In addition, just yesterday, it was reported that Apple had become the third largest mobile phone manufacture. Doomed and losing indeed.

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