Apple Agrees to New Privacy Policy Notification Standards

Today, the California Attorney General’s office has announced an agreement with Apple and five other tech companies including Google, Amazon, HP, RIM, and Microsoft which will ensure that these companies implement new standards for notifying users of privacy policies associated with apps offered in their stores. The new requirements will require developers of apps, that collect personal information to include privacy policies with their app that can be viewed directly from the store before downloading the apps themselves.

In addition, links to privacy policies will be in consistent places within the App Store and other marketplaces. This will offer the users the ability to view the privacy polices briefly. Developers who do not agree with the new requirements can be charged under California law. Apple and other companies signed the agreement and have pledged to inform developers about the privacy policy requirements and help them to meet the standards.

Also, the agreement requires that the companies provide simple methods for users to report apps that do not comply with privacy requirements, as well as systems for dealing with those reports. Thanks to these new rules, it sounds like these companies have a lot of work on their hands!

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Parth Dhebar

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