This is What Apple’s New Amsterdam Retail Store Looks Like

Apple Amsterdam Store

Last week, we reported that Apple’s first Amsterdam Retail Store will open on March 3rd, which will make it the thirteenth country where Apple has retail presence. The new location in Amsterdam will be on the ground floor and lower floor of the city’s historic Hirsch Building in Leidseplein Square. Press previews for the new store occurred this morning, and a number of sources have posted photo sets of the interior of the store.

Apple Amsterdam Store Interior

One More Thing has posted an extensive gallery [Google translation] showing the gorgeous interior details Apple has used in the historic building. Also, has some additional shots [Google translation], including one of the massive Genius Bar in the store. Apple reportedly says that it is the longest in its chain of retail stores. It was reported that The Genius Bar had 20 seats for customers, but from the picture it seems there are a lot more stools than that. Wow, what a masterpiece this store is!

Apple Amsterdam Store Interior 2

Apple Amsterdam Store Genius Bar

Yesterday, Thomas Schlijper also posted a mind blowing photo of the glass staircase at Apple’s new Amsterdam retail store. Looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Apple Amsterdam Store Staircase

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