Apple nano-SIM Prototype Pictured

Ahead of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute’s (ETSI) decision regarding the proposals for future nano-SIM standard, Apple’s nano-SIM prototype has been pictured, reports The Verge.

Apple nano SIM Verge

According to the report, the  “fourth form factor (4FF) UICC,” or nano-SIM standard looks to cut down even more mass off the already tiny micro-SIM used by many handsets like the iPhone. This allows for larger batteries, more components and a slimmer design. The ETSI requires that the new nano-SIM card must have at least eight electrical contacts. However, the layout is up to company which is why the designs submitted by Apple, Nokia, and RIM have three unique designs.

Apple’s prototype design, which is made by SIM maker Oberthur Technologies, looks similar to the existing micro-SIM card minus most of the plastic edging. The contacts are in the same configuration as current cards and potentially could be used in existing hardware if connected with an adapter.

ETSI is scheduled to vote on which of the three designs will become the new standard at a meeting this Thursday.

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