Apple May Open Retail Stores in India?

Well, just last week it was reported that Apple is working on two new retail stores in France and Switzerland. Today, Indian business newspaper Mint reports that Apple may be preparing to open retail stores in India. If true, this would significantly increase the company’s presence in the country.

According to the report, Apple’s interest forms due to Indian regulators eliminating ownership requirements that had previously required single-brand retail outlets such as Apple Stores to have at least 49% domestic investment. However, one potential obstacle still might remai as ventures with high levels of foreign investment such as what Apple would offer will be required to source 30% of their product value from small businesses in India. Luckily for Apple, regulators may be willing to address that requirement as well, depending the official analysis of the viability of a retail effort in India.

When asked whether the 30% local sourcing clause will be a hindrance, the DIPP official said, “Let Apple finalize its business plan and the investment it wants to make. If they tell us that the 30% sourcing is a problem, at that stage we will look into it,” he said.

In 2006, Apple attempted to create an Indian presence with a tech support center, but the company quickly abandoned those plans.

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