Apple May Not Win Injunction Against Galaxy Tab 10.1N in Germany

Back in early November, it was reported that  Samsung launched the 10.1N with a design-tweak of the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany so they could avoid an  injunction  banning the sale of the device under its original design over claims of infringement from Apple. The redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1N features a metal frame that wraps around its edges. It still looks like an iPad to me though.

Being the way Apple is, they wouldn’t let Samsung go so easily. They quickly filed suit in an attempt to ban then new design as well. Today, a new report from Bloomberg, reveals that a new judge in Germany has indicted that Apple is unlikely to secure a ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N for patent infringement.  Apparently,  The Dusseldorf court found that Samsung has changed the look of its touchscreen tablet enough to distance itself from Apple’s iPad.  “Consumers are well aware that there is an original and that competitors try to use similar designs, so buyers are vigilant when looking at products,” the judge reportedly said. “We don’t think that someone buys a Samsung to make his table neighbor at the coffee house believe he owns an iPad.”

A final ruling in the case has been set to be released on February 9th.  You would think the copying would be apparent to judges, but I guess not.

Samsung copying Apple

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