Apple May Not Be Interested in Bidding for English Premier League Streaming Rights

It seems that the rumored Apple TV is media’s new unicorn because the rumors just don’t stop. In fact, it has gotten to a point in which a “source” will follow up on a rumor and call it uncertain. For example, just yesterday it was reported that Apple maybe interested in bidding for the rights to stream English Premier League (EPL) football matches. In fact, the bid in television rights would generate billions of dollars in revenue for the teams and league.

Today, The Guardian has followed up with a new report denying that Apple will place the bid. According to the report, Apple has ruled itself out of the running for the rights. In fact, despite the speculation, Apple has not discussed bidding for the rights at all and is unlikely to do so.

The Premier League is preparing to go to market with its lucrative television contract in the second quarter of this year, but the technology company Apple is believed to have ruled itself out of the running for the rights. […]

However, despite speculation it is understood that Apple has not discussed bidding for the rights and is unlikely to do so, despite rumoured plans to launch an Apple TV device.

Its model relies on taking a cut of the revenue from existing content producers by retailing its content through its AppStore or iTunes service.

The article also notes that live matches broadcast by Sky are already available on iOS devices via the channel’s SkyGo app and that archived Premier League content is available through iTunes. Due to these two distribution methods, it would make it less likely that Apple would spend a lot of money on such a streaming deal.

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