Apple Looking Overseas for Ron Johnson Replacement

Ron Johnson

A month ago, it was reported that Ron Johnson would be leaving Apple. Now, according to a new report, Apple has hired a global recruitment firm to find a new retail executive abroad with hopes of finding a replacement with international retail experience.

People familiar with the matter indicated to The Wall Street Journal that Apple has hired recruiting firm Egon Zehnder. Egon Zehnder started in Europe and has expanded its operations to 37 countries since its founding in 1964. The firm  is ranked as one of the top five global executive search firms. This move by Apple is considered “unusual” since the company is known for being highly secretive.

In addition, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is said to be involved in the decision to employ a recruitment firm. A source says that, Jobs chose Egon Zehnder because “he wants to consider executives who are based abroad”.  “As with any search, it will be broad,” one person familiar with the matter said,  suggesting that the decision to consider American executives will depend on what Apple decides it needs for the role.

Ron Johnson announced in June that he will leave Apple on November 1st to become the new CEO of J.C. Penney. Apple at that time said it was “actively recruiting” for a new head of retail.

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