Apple Launches Twitter Account for U.S. iBookstore

iBookstore Twitter

Today, Apple has stepped up promotion of its iBookstore by launching a new  Twitter account  to keep followers updated on new releases, special offers, and other details from the store. Apparently, the account was created back in June, but Apple has just started using the account to send out tweets. The first tweet from the account was:

Welcome to the Apple #iBookstore on Twitter. Follow us to discover new releases, exclusive book offers, and more.

The second tweet from the account promotes  Erin Morgenstern’s  “The Night Circus”. Currently, the book is being featured on the iBookstore’s main page. In addition, Starbucks is also offering a free “extended sample” of the book through its  Pick of the Week program.

In addition, Apple also has Twitter accounts for other services from the iTunes Store, with the App Store receiving its own account earlier this year. The @iBookstore account is a verified account and belongs to Apple.

Apple has increased its relationship with Twitter, by having recently added Twitter and Facebook posting to its online store. In addition, iOS 5 has built in Twitter integration.

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