Apple Launches iTunes Section for Retina display-ready iPad Apps

Tomorrow, Apple will have its launch for the latest version of the iPad. In preparation for the upcoming launch, Apple has published a new list of 24 apps that best utilize the new iPad’s high resolution Retina display.

Since the time the new iPad was announced, developers have been working hard to get the proper artwork ready and submitting updates that can take advantage of the high resolution screen found on Apple’s third-generation iPad.

iPad Retina display apps sectionApple has introduced this new section just hours before its launch, and the company has put together 24 of the best and most popular apps that support the Retina display. The selected apps can be browsed and purchased via iTunes, or if the users has already purchased the app, they can directly download the app from iTunes or the iPad’s App Store app.

The apps that stand out the most are Tweetbot, which fully supports the Retina display and a new streaming option for your twitter timeline, and two of the apps demoed at Apple’s iPad media event – SketchBook Pro – the Autodesk drawing app and Namco’s new game, Sky Gambler’s: Air Supremacy.

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