Rumor: Apple’s January Media Event to Involve Digital Textbooks and Education

Oh boy, rumors regarding Apple’s January Media Event seem to be showing up by the day. Just yesterday, it was  reported  that Apple is planning a special event in New York for the end of this month.  The event is reported to be for a media-related announcement and not for the iPad 3 or an Apple television set.

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Then, just a few hours after that rumor appeared, TechCrunch reported that the event would focus on publishing and eBooks (which are sold through Apple’s iBooks platform) rather than iAds.  TechCrunch’s  Alexia Tsotsis also noted that attendance would be  more publishing industry-oriented than consumer-focused.Now, journalist Clayton Morris of  Fox News  suggests that Apple will in fact hold a media event in New York later this month. This location was chosen because it is  “more centrally located for textbook and publishing.”

He also said that the event was  originally  scheduled for late fall of 2011, but was postponed. Wait a second, how can something not  announced  to the public be  considered  as “delayed?” According to the report, the press conference will be regarding iTunes U. iTunes U is an easy and fantastic way for students to access educational content for free.

Morris also said that  event will feature “a big announcement in a demure space.” He expects “at least two large project announcements as they relate to Apple in education.”

Here is what I know from sources involved:

– This event will focus on iTunes University and Apple in education
– I learned of the event back in September when it was originally scheduled for late Fall in New York but it was eventually postponed.
– The event will be in New York rather than in the Silicon Valley because New York is more centrally located for textbook and publishing.
– This initiative has been in the making for years.
– The announcement will be small in size but large in scope: a big announcement in a demure space.
– I expect at least two large project announcements as they relate to Apple in education.
– Steve Jobs was intinimately [sic] involved with this project before his passing. He gave a hat tip to the textbook side of this project in the Isaacson biography.
– This will not be a hardware-related announcement.

So from these rumors so far we can conclude the following:

  • Chances of an event happening at the end of the month is likely
  • No new products will be  announced
  • The event will be regarding iBooks/iTunes U, but it will also be  considered  to be a big  announcement.

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  • This is gonna be exciting. So Parth, what’s your prediction? I’ll go for iPad 3 with iTextbooks. :)