Apple is Working on a “Prototype” Apple Store in Downtown Palo Alto

While Microsoft is still trying to figure out how to make their Microsoft Stores profitable and work, Apple is rapidly expanding its retail chain. In August, it was reported that the company is working on a store that will consist of a gorgeous glass roof in Santa Monica, CA. Just a month or two after, rumors of a store in Manhattan’s Grand Central started to appear, which finally became a reality earlier this month. It is gorgeous! Oh, and did I mention that Apple redesigned its iconic Fifth Avenue’s store glass cube this year too? Clearly, the company is filthy rich in cash right now. And to think the company was doomed just a few years ago…

Prototype Apple Store
Site of 'new prototype' Apple Store in Palo Alto | Source: Kirstina Sangsahachart via Mercury News

Today, Mercury News reports construction of what is being called a “prototype” Apple Store is just days away from breaking ground in Palo Alto, CA. The store is planned to feature an open-space architecture that draws on the company’s 10 years of iconic retail space design. Palo Alto city officials said that the work is set to begin  “any day now” on the $3.15 million project.’

The architectural firm  Bohlin Cywinski Jackson is the project applicant for the two-story structure that will be located approximately one block away from Apple’s existing downtown Palo Alto store, which is expected to close once the new space is completed. According to AppleInsider,  Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has designed numerous Apple Stores around the world.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson has designed numerous Apple Stores around the world, winning multiple awards for its work on  London’s Covent Garden,  New York’s Upper West Side  and  China’s Pudong  stores, among others.

Apple’s “prototype” store is supposed to be  5,030 sq. ft. that will feature a glass roof and facade that will allow natural light to fill the open retail space, and will offer passers-by an unobstructed view of the store’s interior. A basement and rear mezzanine will serve as office and storage space.

“Our Palo Alto store was one of our first retail stores when we opened it nearly a decade ago and it’s been incredibly popular,” Apple spokesperson Amy Bessette said. “We are planning a beautiful new store just a few steps away, building on everything we’ve learned from our customers in Palo Alto and around the world.”


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