Geofencing: The Smarts In Apple’s Smartphones

In the iOS6 segment of Apple’s WWDC keynote yesterday there were some interesting features talked about; some known and some new. Reminders is an iOS app from Apple that I’ve found interesting due to its geofencing capabilities. Introduced in Reminders, your iPhone reminds you of tasks when you are in a particular geographical area.  Simplest of all concepts, not mainstream enough, Apple realized the benefits of this Geofencing; so much so that they have added the feature to more iOS functions. Announced at WWDC, Geofencing is now part of:

Phone app

This one of those, why didn’t anyone else implement this? Surely the smartest engineers have thought of it. As Scott Forstall explained, sitting in a meeting and if your phone rang, you could in a tap tell your phone to remind you about the call once you’ve exited the premises. Genius many would say, and it is. Apple deserves props for making this feature mainstream.

Pass Book

One of the key announcements made yesterday, Pass Book brings all your tickets, coupons and boarding passes in one location. And that isn’t the cool part—many apps do this. What makes Pass Book a delight to use, is geofencing. If you buy a ticket through Fandango and when you are near a theater, Pass Book will give you a prompt taking you to your ticket. No more hassles of launching an app, scrolling to the “pass.”

Your smartphone is smart enough to know where you are and what you want to do. Geofencing is the smarts in smartphones, at least one of them.

Update: Macworld is reporting that Geofencing will be powering Find my Friends too. According to Serenity Caldwaell, in iOS6, your devices will send you a notification when a particular friend exits or enters a certain area. Very cool.

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