Apple Defends “4G” Branding for iPad in Australia

Last month, we reported that Apple was accused of 4G marketing claims on the new iPad by the Australian government. Then, within 24 hours, it was reported that Apple was offering refunds to people who bought its latest iPad on Telstra’s network in Australia. Now, Apple has filed a defense in Australia’s federal court this week disputing the accusations, reports The Australian.

Apple says the branding is technically correct despite the lack of compatibility with the country’s existing 4G networks. This statement is in regarding to an earlier accusation from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that by including “4G” in the iPad’s branding it could potentially mislead buyers into thinking that the device would work on existing Australian 4G networks.

The third generation iPad uses the 700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies to connect with so-called 4G networks, but only the 2100MHz frequent is available for mobile communications use in Australia. Currently, the three carries use the UMTS standard on the 2100MHz band, marketing it as a 3G technology.

A full hearing is expected to begin in May.



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