Apple Considering Carbon Fiber Components for Upcoming Product?

A new report suggests that Apple has ordered a large number of parts made of carbon fiber, hinting that an upcoming product may be made of lightweight material. Macotakara reports that it has received information from a source hinting that employees of Apple and Foxconn have been working to source unknown parts from a company that specializes in carbon fiber materials.

The author “danbo” said that Apple has requested the carbon fiber samples from a Japanese company which began production with the material in mid-March. What exactly Apple ordered is unknown, but the source that the number of parts ordered by Apple are too great to be called simply a “sample.” In the past, Apple’s interest in carbon fiber has been detailed via a number of patent filings.

According to my source, some engineer of Apple and Foxconn Technology came on Japanese company, which has carbon production in mid-March, and they requested to develop some sample.

I don’t have information which is ordered by Apple, source told the number of parts is too large to be called “sample”.

One possible use for carbon fiber could be on the iPad. Currently, the iPad is made from a single slab of aluminum, which increases the weight of the device. Next month, Apple is likely to reveal a new iPad mini so we may see the carbon fiber technology implemented in it then.

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