Apple Chosen as Top Consumer Brand in Japan for First Time

Earlier this month, we reported that iPhone had become the top seller in Japan. According to the report, Apple had captured the largest share of mobile shipments in Japan.

Today, Apple was named the top consumer brand in Japan by Nikkei. In fact, this is the first time ever the company has been given that spot in Japan. The survey was conducted in November and December 2011 and included responses from more than 52,000 people aged 18 and older. Also, the consumer market category targeted 1,000 brands, and as well as a business market category for 500 brands.

According to Nikkei, Apple went from being number 11 in the country last year to the top stop dethroning Google from number 1. Wait, I thought Google is “winning”, no? In addition, the iPad and two other Apple products also made the list of top 40 brands.

So it seems that producing great quality products will produce great results.

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Parth Dhebar

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