Apple Announces iOS 6 with Over 200 New Features

During the WWDC 2012 keynote, Apple revealed iOS 6 with over 200 new features for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. iOS 6 will offer new functionality for Siri, Facebook integration, a brand new Maps app, Share Photo Streams via iCloud, and more.

Apple revealed that iOS 6 will add several new functionalities to Siri. In iOS 6, Siri will be able to provide sports scores and schedules, make restaurant reservations via OpenTable, find local movie listings and even launch apps. The virtual assistant will also debut in new languages including Spanish, Italian, and French.

Another really nice feature that was introduced in iOS 6 was Facebook integration. It is very similar to the current Twitter integration in iOS 5 with a system wide log in and the option to quickly post from apps. Also, contacts can be updated automatically using information gathered from Facebook. Third-party developers will also be able to add functionality with a public API.

Do Not Disturb model was also added which allows users to schedule when notifications should not cause any sounds or visual alerts. In addition, the also received new options that will allow users to reply with a text message or prompt a reminder to return a call later when an incoming call arrives.

Share Photo Streams were also introduced which lets users easily share photos with selected family and friends. The share photos can be viewed by other iOS devices,  iPhoto and Aperture on a Mac, or on the web or through an Apple TV.

Passbook was also introduced. It is an app that will combine payment cards and electronic tickets. Also, movie tickets purchased through Fandango can be redeemed through the app. I think with the introduction of Passbook it shows where Apple is headed with mobile payments, and it seems that they have cracked mobile payments. A new API will offer developers access to Passbook.

iOS 6 will be compatible with the iPhone 3GS and later, 2nd-generation iPad and later, and the 4th-generation iPod touch and will be available in the fall. A beta has been made available to developers today.

Let’s get this straight. A three year device will still be getting the latest version of iOS! 80 percent of Apple’s customers are now using iOS 5. Now when you compare that to Android’s less than seven percent on 4.0, that’s absurd. Android 4.0 was released around the same time as iOS 5.

Eat your heart out, Android owners.

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