Apple Accuses Samsung Lawyers of Stalling in Court

Apple vs. Samsung

It seems that every day there’s news about the Apple vs. Samsung lawsuits, it gets more interesting. Just yesterday, it was reported that Samsung’s request to ban the iPhone 4S had been denied. Then, a day after, it was reported that copy-cat Samsung had won against Apple in Australia,  and unfortunately is now free to import and sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Today, according to Florian Mueller’s  FOSS Patents  Apple is preparing a move against Samsung to  present more evidence in its case in a California court. Apple’s legal counsel believes that their efforts for an expedited trial in their patent infringement lawsuit are being held up by Samsung’s uncooperative attorneys. Well, they do need time to think of a good cover up, right? NOT.

Apparently, Samsung’s lead counsel, Charles Verhoeven, is in Washington D.C. representing Motorola at a hearing at the International Trade Commission against Apple, and will be involved in hearings until Dec. 16. By the time Verhoeven returns, it will be too late for Apple to have its motion against Samsung to be heard by the end of 2011.  It seems that things aren’t in favor for Apple this year.

“If Apple does not receive production of the core design, marketing, and technical documents sought in the motion to compel well before January 2012, Apple’s ability to conduct meaningful depositions and properly defend its own witnesses in depositions will be unduly compromised.”

AppleInsider notes that in August,  the court granted  Apple’s wish  for an expedited trial. The trial is scheduled to start on July 30,2012, but that date could be pushed back if the case isn’t trial ready. In addition,  Apple noted that Samsung has produced very little evidence of late. Apple said Samsung has only produced 71 documents totaling 241 pages since Oct. 13, while Apple has provided over one million pages to the court. Holy heck! If Samsung wasn’t copying Apple, shouldn’t they be able to provide more evidence than Apple or are they just having a hard time making nonsense up?


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