Employees Rate Apple 10th Best Company to Work For

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Lately, Apple Inc. has been in the news not just for rumors and news for its latest products, but also for company-related news. Recently, it was revealed that Apple had submitted revised renderings for the company’s new campus. The company is planning a circular spaceship-like office building in Cupertino that will house up to 13,000 of its employees.  Today, it has been reported that Apple is the 10th best company to work for. (not surprising at all)

Glassdoor.com, a company that looks inside jobs and companies, has  released  the results of its annual 2012 Employees’ Choice awards. Apple is number 10 on that list and earned a    “Satisfied” rating of 3.9 out of 5.  Apple placed 20th in last year’s survey with a score of 3.7 and came in 22nd in 2010, which is a significant improvement from last year.

The report also revealed ratings for many other companies.  Consulting firm Bain & Company took the top spot, followed by McKinsey & Company. Last year, Facebook won the top spot, but this year it slipped to third place with a score of 4.3, while Google came in fifth with a score of 5.0. Glassdoor.com used a 20-question company survey to determine employees’ attitudes  for over 65,000 firms.



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