Apple’s App Store Reaches 25 Billion Downloads

Less than a week ago, we reported that Apple had begun the countdown towards 25 billion App Store downloads. Also, the company is offering a $10,000 gift card to the person who downloaded the 25 billionth app. Today, Apple’s App Store has reached 25 billion downloads since its launch in 2008.

25 billion App Store app downloads

The winner of the promotion is yet to be announced, and will be awarded a $10,000 gift card for the App Store, Mac App Store, or any other ITunes Store content.

Apple’s App Store took a little less than two and a half years to reach 10 billion downloads, and less than six additional months to reach 15 billion downloads. Today’s achievement would reveal that the App Store has seen its last 10 billion downloads occur over a period of just eight months. This would put Apple’s App Store pace at 15 billion downloads per year, which will continue to grow without a doubt. To put this in perspective, it took 8.5 years for the iTunes Store to reach 16 billion song downloads, while it took less than four years for the App Store to hit 25 billion app downloads. Fact: more apps have been downloaded via the App Store than the entire world population (7 billion). In addition, Apple has also paid out over $4 billion to developers. On the other hand, Google is yet to release how much they have paid out to developers.

With that being said, have 25 billion+ apps been downloaded from the Android Market? You know, because it is “winning”.

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