App Store For iPad Now 100,000 Apps Strong

100,000 iPad apps

With the introduction of iPad, Apple also introduced an App Store specifically for iPad-specific apps. A little more than one year after, MacStories reports that  the App Store for iPad now offers over 100,000 iPad-specific applications.

Apple and third-party developers have set a new record: in 453 days since the original iPad came out on April 3, 2010, the App Store has more than 100,000 iPad-exclusive apps available. Either specifically targeting the tablet, or released as universal updates to existing iPhone apps, at the moment of writing this there are 100,161 iPad apps in the Store. How do I know? The App Store app itself on my iPad shows that.

In comparison, none of Apple’s competitors offer  more than a couple hundred tablet-optimized apps. For example, the Motorola Xoom  has been on the market for months, but still only offers a few hundred apps. Even a year after iPad’s launch,  Apple still has a tremendous lead in the tablet market and competitors are still having a hard time catching up.

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