Apple’s Share Price Closes at All-time High of $429

Apple 429

My oh my, Apple’s share price is surely growing quickly! Last September, the share priced touched $413.23 late in the after market, but closed at $411.63. Today, Apple’s share price has closed at an all-time high of $429. In addition, Apple is continuing to close in on a $400 billion market cap and is currently just as $398.70B at closing. In the after hours, Apple’s share price closed at $430.

On January 24th, Apple will announce its Q1 results, which are expected to be recording breaking. The conference call will occur at 5:00 PM Eastern / 2:00 PM Pacific which will reveal the earnings itself. Earnings are usually announced at 4:30 PM Eastern. In fact, Apple is expected to have had a $40 billion quarter and have sold 13.5 million iPads!

Tomorrow, Apple is having an event so expect the share price to close even high tomorrow. The event is supposed to be related to a major announcement in the textbook industry. Reports suggest that Apple has made partnerships with well-known publishers, and may even launch its own textbook creation tool. Apple teased the event as an education announcement on the event they sent out. Tomorrow’s event begins at 10 AM EST.

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