AAPL off to a Fantastic Start in 2012

Recently, bloggers and media have been suggesting what Apple should do with its nearly $100 billion in cash pile and why the company is doomed, but what they fail to point out is the tremendous growth Apple’s share price is seeing. There’s no other tech company stock right now which is seeing growth like this. Today is the last day of the month in January, which means that the stock trading for this month came to a close. Apple’s share price growth for the first month of 2012 is notable as MacRumors points out.

AAPL has seen a monthly gain of over 50 points that has increased its price by nearly 13%. This is due to the blowout quarter the company reported a week ago, but since, then the share has seen solid growth and closed at yet another record high of $456.48 today after touching $458.24 earlier in the day. In fact, just last week the company’s share price soared past $450.

AAPL Jan 2012

Just yesterday, it was reported that the company may soon sell as many iPhones in China as it sells in the rest of the world combined! With that being said, Apple is now also the world’s most valuable company with a market cap that tops $425 billion.

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